Vintage Wisdom: with Laura Adams

Vintage Wisdom is a series of interviews with women in our church who are humbly willing to share what they have learned throughout their decades worth of walking with God. They met my list of thirty-three, real-life questions with raw, unshielded responses filled with personal successes, failures, and a conviction in their voice that can only come from a life in love with their Savior. My only regret is that you could not all sit in and hear the uncondensed form of these ladies’ wisdom that I was able to extract over a cup of coffee...

Help Wanted: Sincerely, Unequally Yoked

By Karen Adams Too often, it is the very seasons of struggle that we are called to love others through, that we unintentionally isolate and hurt our sisters in Christ. Help Wanted is a series designed to shed light into just a few of those specific struggles and how we can help, not hurt, the ones experiencing them.

The Voice of the Herald

by Laura Adams Every time I put my thoughts and convictions down for others to read, it is an agonizing process. I must fight the desire to be winsome and write soothing words in order to “win” my reader. I fight this because I believe I am accountable for what I say and whatever influence I may have. Words have power. And persuasion is a stewardship.

Ready… Set… Stay!

by Randi Peck What do you imagine complete sanctification looks like? Do visions of white robes, missionaries, and monasteries come to mind? A life lived in isolation, free from Netflix and Twitter, electricity and mortgages? Does being kept blameless consist of selling all our belongings and saying goodbye to our friends and family, in order to live in a third world, mud hut? I suppose I used to think so... CLICK ON PHOTO TO READ MORE...