I AM… Unchanging

“Mom, the moon is following us!”  My three-year-old daughter, Myla, excitedly announced this perceived observation, one evening, from the backseat of the car...


The Posture of Prayer

Women in the Word -Shelly Prather The Posture of Prayer: How Do We Pray In stopping to think about what prayer really is-- the depth, the importance, the power of what takes place, the connection that happens when you open up your heart and pour it out to the one who created the universe, the … Continue reading The Posture of Prayer

Her story, His glory: Amanda Crawford

“I hope you don’t think I was staring. It’s just that you are due the same time I was supposed to have my baby...” That very first day I met Amanda, her transparent and tender heart became very evident. At the time, my swollen belly was unable to hide the child growing within. Her stomach was vacant- and her heart broken...