On Mission in the Church: Stephanie Strom

Our lives are busy. In a single day, we are pulled multiple ways by multiple hands... A few years ago, the Lord challenged me with this idea of being on mission at church.


How to Dig In: Stephanie Strom

What if digging into the Word isn’t even on our radar since it takes so much effort just to flip it open? .. I have three truths to share with you that have flipped my approach to the Word upside down.

Seeking the King

by Stephanie Strom ‘For King Solomon gave to her all that she desired, whatever she asked besides what was given her by the bounty of the King.’ (I Kings 10:6-7) The queen arose early in the morning and stood to look out the window. Her servants were bustling around the palace making their final preparations. Today was the day... CLICK ON PHOTO TO KEEP READING...

Beautiful Portion

by Stephanie Strom So much about our pilgrimage on earth is variable. Our days teeter on ever-shifting sand which are battered, smoothed, and reshaped by tides that ebb and flow in a steady rhythm unrelenting. Ups and downs, feast and famine, joy and despair all rise and fall from dawn to dusk. Nothing is constant... CLICK ON PHOTO TO KEEP READING...

Let Her Observe

by Stephanie Strom The sun was just beginning to warm up the day. She had been working the field all morning. As soon as this last basket was brimming, she would carry the loads to the house and grind just enough of the wheat for their supper that night. She and her husband, Manoah, lived in a small mountain village called Zorah, “place of the hornets”. It was the time when judges ruled the land and depravity ruled men’s hearts. Israel circled endlessly in their sinful rebellions and idol worship and the true Lord was only acknowledged on their lips when they needed His hand of deliverance. His face they did not seek. She heard a sound out of place and stopped her work... CLICK ON PHOTO TO KEEP READING...