How to Dig In: Stephanie Strom

By Stephanie Strom

Psalm 27:8
You have said, “Seek my face.”
My heart says to you, “Your face, Lord, do I seek.”

We love the Bible, own a Bible, believe the Bible, refer to the Bible.
But let’s get honest. Sometimes when we read,
the words don’t always leap off the pages, do they?

In the book of Psalms, David often seems frustrated when he took the time to seek the Lord especially when his conversations were sown to the wind and fallen back to earth without reply.

“Where are you? I can’t see you. I can’t hear you.”

Maybe we can sympathize with the Psalmist. Reading the Word can feel like a desert wasteland causing our flesh to faint. We may tend to get frustrated when we try to glean something from the Scriptures, but nothing is giving back. I mean, we took the time, shouldn’t there be something enlightening happening to us? After a few minutes, we may shrug, and set the book down.

What if digging into the Word isn’t even on our radar since it takes so much effort just to flip it open? And even if we do, what if nothing comes of it – again?

I have three truths to share with you that have flipped my approach to the Word upside down. Changed. My. Life. No joke. Because they helped me in reading the Word, I am passing them along to you to do with as you will.

1. The Word is a Treasure
A gift from the Lord to us.

We know that God gave the Bible. We know that God wrote the Bible.
Have you ever stopped and thought about that?
Pause. Rewind. Think about that.

God. The Creator. The Majestic one. The Warrior and Defender. The King of kings. The Lord of lords. He wrote a letter. God wrote a letter. God. Did. He preserved this letter and put it in a journal, gift wrapped his journal and laid it in your lap.

The Word is a gift. One he did not have to give.
And he gave it – to you!
Mind. Blown.

2. The Word is a Person
The Logos, Jesus on the page.

The Bible is about Jesus. Every dot, every tittle, every verse on every page chronicles the heart of Jesus, our Savior. That is amazing. But, that’s not all.

Who breathed the stars and hung the universe in place with his voice
Who made all things and holds all things together
Who defies time with eternality, space with omnipresence, wisdom with omniscience, strength with omnipotence.
This same Jesus is the Word made flesh.
This same Word that converts the soul, binds wounds, and defeats our enemy.
The Word has the power to bring to life that which was dead.
Only a Living, Breathing, the Bread of Life and the Living Water – the person Jesus Christ –
can fully satisfy and saturate the heart like that.

The Word IS JESUS.
Again. Wow.

3. The Word is an Invitation
To come, for us to know him.

Why would God preserve this letter throughout all the ages? It was not for academics, nor for knowledge. Neither is it there so that you feel compelled to read it out of duty.  

                                                                                                                                                     Why then?

Ultimately, the reason we study the Word is not to glean something for ourselves, or to know something about ourselves, but to know the Lord. To know him!

The invitation is to open the hand-written letter, read the letter, dig into the letter with one pursuit.
For within the folds of the Word, God reveals his character and his nature.

If we shift our approach to the open pages before us – if we can turn our objective on its axis – if our only aim is to learn the heart, the desires, the character of the Lord, we will never come away empty.

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