Word Weaver

a poem by Laura Adams

Word Weaver

In the Beginning, before there was time
God’s Word was His Breath and His Heart and His Mind…
His infinite wisdom brought delight to His Heart
Then out of His Love, His Word pierced the dark…

Creation exploding from Love overflow…
A gift from The Father to His children bestowed
A glorious Home built by the Author of Life…
At the center He placed them, the Man and his Wife

In peace and perfection, the Word had declared
A “union reflection” that the Godhead has shared…
These bearers of Image, these heirs at His side
Only needed to love Him, to trust and abide…

Blessing and promise turned to ashes and dust…
The moment the children chose to break from that trust
Creation was groaning before it barely began…
But this was the marvelous mysterious plan

Only God understood that through Rescue’s Release
Could the Man and the Woman stay secure in His peace
The design of His mind would be perfected through sin!
The Glory of God would be displayed by mere men!

Confounding the wise and giving grace to the meek
He astounded the angels who continued to seek…
His majesty multiplied, His glory arrayed
As the Star Breather humbled Himself and came as a babe!

God’s Word became Flesh and He walked Face-to-Face
His Heart and His Breath always stood in One place…
The Star Breather, Wind Walker did what we can’t
He lived all His days as an obedient Man…

His Word was the Light of the Father’s design..
And He reflected each thought of His Father’s great mind
He modeled the peace and promise to come…
And He spoke with authority of where He’d come from

Then in the Covenant made in Eternity Past…
This Son took our sin from the first to the last
He laid down His life so that we would be free…
To worship the God who redeemed you and me.

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